Claims FAQ for Health Care Providers

Where do I send medical reports?

Medical reports should be emailed to our NWT Claims Department or Nunavut Claims Department.

Where do I send medical invoices for payment?

Medical invoices only should be sent to Financial Services.

Does a WSCC doctor examine injured workers?

In most cases no, a WSCC doctor does not examine workers. A WSCC doctor only examines workers when they reach the maximum medical recovery (MMR) and still can’t work.  This appointment is usually to determine if the worker has a Permanent Medical Impairment (PMI).

How do health care providers talk to a WSCC doctor?

Indicate that you want to speak to a WSCC doctor on the medical report. The Case Manager will receive the form and ask the WSCC Medical Advisor to contact you. 

Is the WSCC able to expedite appointments with specialists or diagnostic testing for injured workers?

In the majority of cases, the WSCC Medical Unit is able to access a number of specialties and diagnostic imaging facilities in order to expedite appointments for workers.  

What is objective medical evidence?

Objective evidence refers to visible, measurable findings obtained by a medical examination, tests, or diagnostic imaging. Someone other than the injured worker must be able to see or feel the evidence. Examples of objective evidence include a broken leg or an abrasion. 

What is a permanent medical impairment (PMI)?

A Permanent Medical Impairment (PMI) is any permanent loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological, or anatomical structure or function.