WSCC Connect

WSCC Connect is our e-Business service designed to make your WSCC experience easier!

WSCC Connect provides employers with the ability to access services that typically require contact with the WSCC. Rather than having to call, email, or book a meeting with us to accomplish certain tasks, you can access WSCC Connect and have quick turn-around service at your fingertips.

Beginning January 2022: Employer Monthly Statements will be available online! You can check your account balance, view monthly statements within 3 years, and print or email a statement. How do I sign-up? In January, have your Access Administrator add the role “Payments and Statements” to the user account for the person managing bill payments for your business or organization. Then in January, assigned users can log in to WSCC Connect and will be able to view, email, or download a copy of the statement. Once you choose to receive email notifications that your online statement is ready, you will no longer receive the monthly paper statements in the mail.

Our e-Services

  • Register Your Business: Submit a request to the WSCC to register your company for coverage.
  • Report Payroll: Submit and revise your annual payroll reports online. There are two options to submit; Fast File, aimed at single-industry employers to report in one sitting; and Advanced Payroll Reporting, which provides a full range of payroll e-Services and allows users to save information before completing and submitting their reports.
  • Obtain a Clearance: Quickly generate your own clearance letters.
  • View Assessment Rates: View your own current and historical assessment rates, or view the WSCC's overall rate guide.
  • Make a Payment: Pay your employer assessment fees online, or set up a preauthorized payment.
  • Statement: View your transactions and payment schedule.
  • Report Unsafe Work: Report safety hazards or unsafe work practices to the WSCC.
  • Permits: Apply for Mining Permits.
  • Account Management: Update your employer contact and profile information.
  • Employer's Report of Incident: Report an incident, injury, or dangerous occurrence. Once you complete and submit your information you will receive an emailed copy of the report.
  • Account Activity and Statements (Beginning January 2022): Check account balance and view your Employer Monthly Statement online. Go paperless! When you sign-up to receive an email notification that your statement is ready, you will no longer receive the monthly paper statements in the mail.

Access WSCC Connect today!