Employer Services Brochures and Guides


This guide helps employers complete their Annual Payroll Report (APR) online through WSCC Connect.  

This guide helps employers complete their Contractors’ Report, which is completed online through WSCC Connect.


Do you hire contractors or subcontractors? You need to register with us.* Under the Workers’ Compensation Act(s), if you hire contractors or subcontractors, you may be considered the principal contractor. Not sure? Check with us.

Do you hire people to do work in and around your home? A nanny, or a handyman? If so, the Workers’ Compensation Act(s) and Safety Act(s) may consider you to be an employer. This means there are important legal requirements and safety… more

The WSCC provides insurance for employers and workers, and helps prevent workplace injuries. The WSCC is also a regulator, administering the Workers’ Compensation Acts, the Safety Acts, the Mine Health and Safety Acts, the Explosives… more

If you are harvesting morel mushrooms in the Northwest Territories and you work for yourself, you are not covered by the WSCC. If you want to receive the same benefits and protections as other workers, you can buy Personal… more

Most workers automatically receive coverage through the Workers Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC) of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut through their employers. If they get hurt at work, or become sick because of… more

Self-Employed Individuals can buy Personal Optional Coverage from us. The minimum amount of time you can buy it for is one month. We base benefits on how much coverage you ask for, and what coverage we approve. You must apply to… more

Did you know that under the Workers’ Compensation Acts you can be held liable for the unpaid assessments of contractors and subcontractors that you hire? The Acts state that you are both jointly and individually liable to pay the… more