Return to Work

A safe and timely Return to Work (RTW) helps injured workers with their recovery and rehabilitation. The longer injured workers are away from the workplace, the more difficult it is to return to productive employment.

Collaboration is essential in ensuring a successful return to work outcome.
WSCC encourages communication between parties participating in the injured worker’s recovery and return to work:

  • Health Care Providers make treatment decisions and provide medical information to the WSCC.
  • Employers are responsible for their workplace’s injury reporting process, identifying suitable work, and implementing, monitoring, and adjusting a Return to Work plan if necessary.
  • Workers have an active role in their recovery by participating in treatment, rehabilitation programs, and working with their employer, healthcare provider, and the WSCC to return to work as soon as safe and medically possible.
  • The WSCC administers healthcare and compensation, arranges consultation with health care providers, explains and assists with RTW, and monitors activities, progress, and cooperation of all parties.

What does Return to Work (RTW) mean?

Return to Work is a process that helps injured workers remain at work or get back to suitable work as soon as safe and medically possible.

The RTW process begins as soon as the worker suffers an injury. It may involve working modified duties or fewer hours while recovering. The primary goal is to get injured workers back to their pre-injury job position. 

If you have questions about your role in RTW, contact our Return to Work Advisor at 1 (800) 661-0792.