Service Standards

The WSCC is committed to service excellence. Honouring our commitments and being efficient and serviced focused are core parts of our organization’s values. Our service standards outline our delivery targets and let you know what to expect when you work with us.

Your feedback is important to us. We take our service standards seriously and our feedback email is monitored by the President. If you feel we did not meet a service standard, please contact us:

Phone: 867-920-3888
Toll-Free: 1-800-661-0792
Feedback email


General Organization Delivery Target
Respond to voice mail and email messages 24 hours
Award RFP and Tenders 30 days from RFP / Tender close date
Pay supplier invoices 30 days
Provide verbal job offer to successful candidate 26 business days after the advertised close date
Respond to file disclosure requests 10 business days
Respond to ATIPP requests Minimum 30 days (statutory)
Respond to legal action requests 4 weeks
Employer Services Delivery Target
Register/reactivate new employer accounts 3 business days
Issue employer clearances (final clearance) 3 business days
Determine worker status (self-employed/deemed worker) 24 hours after interview
Notice of payroll audits 2 – 4 weeks prior to audit
Issue compliance certificates (required for Nunavut only) 3 business days
Claims Services Delivery Target
Accept or deny no time loss and non-complex time loss claims 20 days from registration date
Accept or deny complex time loss claims 3 business days after investigation
Issue initial letter to a claimant after an accepted claim 5 business days
Reimburse claimant expenses 10 business days
Prevention Services Delivery Target
Issue inspection reports 3 business days after inspection
Acknowledge receipt of permit or approval requests 24 hours
Issue Mine Health & Safety Acts approvals and permits 10 business days minimum, to 6 months maximum (pending evaluation complexity)
Issue mining supervisor certificates 5 business days (upon receipt of documentation in Yellowknife office)
Review Committee Delivery Target
Respond to employer/worker inquiries 2 business days
Issue review registration letter 2 business days
Communicate Review Committee decision 50 business days from date of registration