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Return to Work Process

Return to Work Process

The following steps assist employers with getting an injured worker back to work.

RTW Process for Employers
  • Step 1

    First Aid/Medical Treatment:

    • Provide first aid/medical aid;
    • If needed, provide transportation to the nearest medical centre; and
    • Request that your worker provide a copy of the Functional Abilities form (on page 2 of First Medical Report) from the health care provider following their appointment. (If this is not provided, you can request this information from the WSCC).
  • Step 2

    Report the Injury

  • Step 3

    Communicate and Collaborate

    • Contact the worker as soon as possible after the injury and maintain regular, frequent contact throughout their recovery;
    • Contact the WSCC regularly to share updates on the worker’s prognosis and suitable work options; and
    • If there is a job demands analysis or job description for the worker’s job and possible suitable work, provide it to the WSCC.
  • Step 4

    Identify Suitable Work/Create a RTW Plan

  • Step 5


    • Check- in with the worker regularly;
    • Provide updates to the WSCC every two weeks; and
    • Communicate any progress, problems, or concerns with the WSCC.
  • Step 6

    Return to Work Completion

    • Worker fully recovers and returns to their pre-injury job; or
    • Worker reaches maximum recovery and requires permanent accommodation.