Employer Rates

The WSCC provides a form of collective liability, which is common across the insurance industry. This means all employers share the risk as an industry subclass. This protects individual employers against major increases in their payments in the event that they experience an extraordinary increase in claims.

The WSCC calculates rates in consultation with independent actuaries through a review of target funding levels, anticipated operating expenses and past trend analysis. This determines the optimal rates required to cover all the current and future costs associated with workplace injuries.

In setting Assessment Rates, the WSCC considers what is:

  • Sustainable for claim costs;
  • Reflective of industry experience;
  • Responsive to claims experience trends; and
  • Fair to employers.

In 2024, the average provisional assessment rate is $2.40 per $100 assessable payroll. This provisional target rate is the rate employers would pay if there was only one rate for all employers, and is the rate the WSCC uses as a starting point when setting individual subclass rates. Each employer will pay a specific amount based on their subclass (which is the group rate for their industry) and the size of their payroll.

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WSCC evaluates and updates rates annually. You can view the WSCC's current and historical rates by visiting WSCC Connect to view Class & Subclass and Specific Industry rates. You can view your employer's assessment rates by signing in or creating an account on WSCC Connect and clicking on 'My Assessment Rates.'

The 2024 Year's Maximum Insurable Remuneration (YMIR) is $110,600.