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Businesses and organizations in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories that have made health and safety a core value of their operations are being recognized by WSCC as either a Safe Workplace or an Advanced Safe Workplace. Through the Safe Workplace program, employers are helping to create a network of safer workplaces across the north!

Want to see who qualifies as a Safe Workplace or an Advanced Safe Workplace? Visit the Safe Workplace searchable database by clicking here

Have questions about the Safe Workplace program? Contact our Safe Workplace team by email in Nunavut or the Northwest Territories, or call 1-833-315-2057.

If you or your organization is interested in achieving third-party occupational health and safety accreditation in the north, the Northern Safety Association can help! Click here to visit their website and learn about COR certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who can become a Safe Workplace?

Any employer in the Nunavut and the Northwest Territories who:

   •  Is registered with the WSCC
   •  Reports assessable payroll

 * An employer’s assessable payroll is the gross salary of each worker up to the Year’s Maximum Insurable Remuneration (YMIR).


 How does an employer sign-up?

Starting in 2022, employers are automatically enrolled and will be assessed to see if they qualify as a Safe Workplace or an Advanced Safe Workplace once they submit their Annual Payroll Report (APR) and complete an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) questionnaire.


 What does being a WSCC Safe Workplace mean?

Injury prevention starts with meeting legal obligations but managing health and safety in a workplace becomes even more effective when the leaders of an organization commit to safety as a core value. That means making sure that safety is a high priority and ingrained in every aspect of how an organization operates.

Employers that reach Safe Workplace or Advanced Safe Workplace status can use this recognition to share their commitment to safety with their employees, customers, clients and industry peers. Through the Safe Workplace Dashboard, employers can download a Safe Workplace certificate to display at their worksite, and a digital badge for their company's website, email signatures, and contract documents.


 What is an Advanced Safe Workplace?

Employers who are accredited by a third party OHS program (example: Certificate of Recognition COR or ISO 45001) will be designated as an Advanced Safe Workplace, and be considered leaders in their field for safety.

If employers want to become an Advanced Safe Workplace, check out the Northern Safety Association’s website for information on how to become COR certified in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.


 Why don’t I see an organization’s name in the list of Safe Workplaces?

You will not see an organization’s name in the list of Safe Workplaces if:

   •  They do not meet all six program criteria.
   •  They did not give WSCC consent to publish their name on the Safe Workplace employers list.
   •  The name you are using to search is not recognized by the system.

Other reasons you may not see an employer name in the search:

   •  The business does not have any employees, only subcontracts other businesses.
   •  The business does not have payroll to report to the WSCC.


 How will WSCC help employers meet the Safe Workplace criteria?

WSCC will support businesses and employers by identifying areas that need to be addressed, and providing information and resources that will help to improve their safety programs.

Contact our Safe Workplace team by email in Nunavut or the Northwest Territories, or call 1-833-315-2057.


This guide helps employers with how to document their Occupational Health and Safety Program.