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Request a Review
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    Step 1

    Before you begin:

    The Review Committee encourages workers and employers to request disclosure of files before submitting a Request for Review. This ensures all parties have access to the relevant information relating to the issues in question. 

    If you’re a worker or employer disputing a claims decision: speak to the claim Claims Entitlement Supervisor, Adjudicator, Case Manager, or the Manager of Claims Services to request a disclosure of the claim file. For more information on claim file disclosures please refer to Policy 07.01, Claim File Information Access.

    If you’re an employer disputing an assessment decision: speak to your Assessment Representative, or the Manager of Employer Services to request a disclosure of the employer file. For more information on employer file disclosures please refer to Policy 07.02, Employer File Information Access. 

  • Step 2

    Complete a Request for a Review form or write a letter to the Registrar of the Review Committee. Your letter must include:

    • Your claim number or employer number;
    • Date of the decision letter you want reviewed;
    • Reason(s) you disagree with the decision;
    • What you think the decision should be: and,
    • What type of hearing you wanted, whether oral or documentary.


    Note: you must request a review within three years of the original decision.


  • Step 3

    Send in your Request for Review


    Review Committee Registrar
    Workers' Safety & Compensation Commission
    Box 8888
    Yellowknife, NT  X1A 2R3

    Fax toll-free: 1 (866) 277-3677

    E-mail:  Review Committee

What to Expect

WSCC will:

  • Send you a letter of acknowledgement;
  • Confirm the type of hearing granted;
  • Confirm the issue to review; and
  • Schedule your hearing date.

Note: The WSCC does not make arrangements or pay for travel, accommodations, or time loss associated with attending a teleconference, video conference, or in-person hearing with the Review Committee. 

The Review Committee will:

  • Hold the hearing within 20 business days of receiving your request;
  • Make a decision within 30 business days of the hearing;
  • Send you the final decision.

Note: Deferred reviews may result in delayed hearings and/or decisions.